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Spinal Health

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Your spine is the core of  all your body’s functions. Every single impulse that goes through your body, to and from your brain, travels through your spine. Your spine affects how you think, how you move, how you breathe, how your heart beats and how you digest food. As you might imagine, when your spine health isn’t at its best, that means your body health isn’t either.

Increased Mobility

Obtaining proper spinal health is an ideal way to increase your movement, flexibility and overall mobility. It can reduce your risk of injury and allow you to reach further and be more limber and dexterous. Many athletes use chiropractic to improve their performance, and the ability to regularly and comfortably move is essential to your overall wellness.

Increased Mobility with Vitality Family Chiropractic
Posture and balance through chiropractic care in Marietta

Posture and Balance

Directly related to mobility, having the curvature of your spine in its optimal form allows for proper balance and posture throughout your body. As you maintain posture, this has the additional effect of helping to maintain your spinal alignment, so you need fewer adjustments in the future. You’ll also generally feel healthier when your skull, ribs and pelvis are aligned properly in relation to one another.


When your body works properly, you’ll be able to exercise better, and your exercises will yield better results. A properly re-aligned spine will result in stronger back muscles, which not only help you to lift, but also support your rib cage, maintain your spine, and improve your overall health, as well as decrease back pain. Very often, muscular back pain can result from a spinal misalignment.

Muscle strength and chiropractic care in Marietta
Improved Immune Response with chiropractic care in Marietta

Improved Immune Response

The right spinal alignment will ensure that every aspect of your body works better. This includes your immune response. As your brain-body communication improves, so does its ability to fight off illness and disease. This means that chiropractic care can help your body’s immune response, and you’ll be less prone to get sick in general.

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